Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Here you will find a sample of Upwork proposal cover letter for SEO – Search Engine Optimization. But if you have come here with motive just to ‘copy and paste’, I suggest you not to read any further and find somebody Else’s blog. Let’s see: SEO Expert Profile Overview Sample

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Because this upwork proposal sample cover letter on SEO is mainly provided here so that freelancers can understand how to write a proper cover letter on their own. A professional seo cover letter should look like a power of words where the buyer can easily understand your knowledge. You can also check Data Entry Cover Letter and Screening Question and Answer.

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As a pro freelancer, I always come forward to help all the newcomers with as much as information and details I can provide in my blogs. But if you want more details, Please go to Upwork’s website and read the job postings with time.

You may face some common Questions to answer before submitting a professional proposal in upwork. But no worries, you can find all the Answers of Upwork Proposal Questions here.

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SEO is a common and most demanding job in upwork and you will see a lot of jobs posting when search in the job feed area. Please see the example below:

Upwork  Cover Letter Sample for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You Should Know about SEO

Nowadays SEO is very very tough. It is not in their position that was five years back. There are 02 types of SEO “on-page” and “off-page” and you must have to have knowledge over these categories. You have to first understand what the client is looking for. Sometimes the clients may ask for the off-page SEO only and you have to focus the link building strategy at that time. In this case the below requirement is a must:

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  1. Quality Link Building
  2. Link wheel creation
  3. Forum posting
  4. Quality social bookmarking
  5. Article backlinking
  6. Authority link creation
  7. blog link creating
  8. Google Panda and penguin friendly link
  9. More….
  10. If you see the client is asking for on-page optimization or on-page seo, you have to focus on:
  11. HTML tags (h1, h2, b, a href, etc)
  12. Title optimization
  13. Meta description optimization
  14. link optimization
  15. Google search console
  16. Google adwords and keyword research
  17. Google analytics install and improvement
  18. Image optimization, alt. title, sizes, etc
  19. Much more…

So now, let’s look at a proper Sample Upwork Cover Letter for SEO which was written with confidence.

Cover Letter Sample for SEO

Dear Hiring Manager,
Hello sir. I hope you are fairing well.

On seeing your recruitment post, I thoroughly read the details on… (Insert Job Title). And it is with great pleasure that I can declare that I am an accomplished individual who specializes on SEO. I have more than 3 years of experience in “Off-Page” and “On-Page” Search Engine Optimization. After considering all your specifications, I would like to inform you that I am notably interested in your project.

My previous works include successful completion of a SEO project working with (insert previous project name). I have also conducted full scale security hacks on this project in order to evaluate its compatibility with Google Panda and Penguin updates. I can confidently state about all of my previous clients’ satisfaction.

My range of expertise varies from keyword optimization to developing sites with poor rankings. I have strong analytical skills along with effective presentation skills that I am confident will help make your project a definite success in a short amount of time.

Please review my attached resume to know more about my skills and experience. And if you would like to contact me about anything I can be reached via Email or Skype at any given time.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, (Insert Applicant Name)

Upwork  Cover Letter Sample for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Things You Should Consider Before Writing a Cover Letter

  1. Keep your cover letter simple and appealing.
  2. Choose the right cover letter format for the job you seek.
  3. Mention specific results and successful  accomplishments.
  4. You should Include ‘keywords’ that match your skills and the job you seek.
  5. You should add other relevant information.
  6. You should revise your cover letter before you hit “send.”
  7. Read client’s hints in the job description carefully.
  8. Check time requirements and project duration every time.
  9. Always apply for jobs that have ‘hourly’ or ‘fixed price’ payment methods.
  10. Check Report Submission Requirements, Skill Requirements and Result Requirements before applying for a job.
  11. Make a list of available apps that might have to use.
  12. Look carefully for Country, Region or Native Requirements.
  13. Check out if the job is online based or offline work.
  14. Check out if it can be done with your smartphone or you’ll need a PC to operate.
  15. Only apply for those jobs which you are good at.

Set up your mind whether if you want to apply for a job or not, only after reading all the requirements given in the job posting. After reading every detail, if you feel like that your skills can’t match the requirements or you can’t afford to give so much time, I suggest you not to apply for the particular job. Because if your potential client hires you by reading your cover letter and you fail to satisfy him, you might badly lose your reputation as a freelancer.

Sample 01

Job Title: In Need of a Specialist for On page / Off page SEO to get High Rankings
Job Description:

I need a professional for my personal business to get some organic traffic from search engines. I also want to increase my sells and build a strong traffic gathering.
I am looking for specifically a worker who can make my page appear in the first page of search engines with the relevant keywords so that I can get more traffic easily.

I would like to have a worker contracted by monthly payment method. Thank you.

Sample 02

Job Title: Need a Specialist for On page / Off page SEO to get quick High Rankings

Job Description:
I want to hire some specialists who can handle my page’s SEO to get more traffic to my web page within a short period of time, precisely, within 1 month.

I  will only hire those workers who are skilled, experienced and dedicated to their work because I want see my page appear in the top 10 results of any search engine with the relevant keywords so that I can get more traffic easily within a short period of time.

I would like to have a worker contracted by hourly payment method. 50%  of the payment will be paid in advanced  and the rest 50% will be paid after the job is done.

Sample 03:

Upwork  Cover Letter Sample for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Sample 04:

Upwork  Cover Letter Sample for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Sample 05:

Upwork  Cover Letter Sample for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


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