Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert


Because of the lack of experience in writing up a professional upwork profile overview for SEO Expert, some real workers are lagging behind other freelancers. But if they start to follow certain categories, miracles are bound to happen in their career life. Before that, if you have come to us to explore the two profile overview samples which we are going to add to this article then explore it in the right way. Let’s see: SEO Expert Cover Letter Sample.

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Basically, many freelancers do not understand clients’ prospects as an SEO expert, one has to keep a sharp eye on typical things. Clients are fond of the freelancers who are not uptight but do their work with full ease and support.

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A freelancer needs to understand the client and customer relationship and of course some experiences would just make the profile overview much spicy. You should not forget that the number of freelancers is increasing in a rapid way and to not extinct yourself you have to keep a unique thought to catch the attention of the clients.

Skills for Writing SEO Expert Overview for Upwork Profile 

Among the three basic kinds of SEO like the on-page, off-page and the technical SEO, you have to mention your category of work for the convenience of the clients. Then you have to mention the hard and soft skills respectively. Let’s just take a look at the skills that you need to add to make your profile overview a killer one.

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1. Authentic knowledge about coding like HTML, PHP, SEO plugins and so on.
2. Ability of thinking analytically, researching the keywords and synthesis.
3. H1, H2, Title tag, description and Alt tags and an empathetic mindset towards the co-workers.
4. Powerful memory of data and other information; Google search console and YAHOO ground map verification.
5. Meeting the deadline, forum and blog commenting.
6. Proficiency in communication, social networking and organizing sectors
7. Writing ability containing zero errors; ranking progress of Alexa and search appearance.
8. Skillful at WordPress development for critical purposes.
9. Years of experiences.
10. 100 percent flexibility and persuasive manner
11. Understanding the demands of contemporary online market
12. Mentality of admitting own fault.
13. Enthusiasm in work and honest movement.
14. Expert in excel
15. Inquisitive learner.

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So these are the skills which are most wanted in the SEO experts. Also, if you fail to attain the right skills for your job, then the overview will not be worth the job. If you focus on the x-factor words, then your work is half done so to say. Clients are tired of viewing the same kind of profile overview over and over. So, a little variation would help you to represent your overview in a unique way.

For that, you can attach some of your greatest work in the overview and keep it plain and persuasive in nature. Just have a look at the two samples of profile overview and you will understand it better.   

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (01)

Greetings, it’s (Your name). I am a crafts-master in Search Engine Optimization on Upwork. I have been successfully handling my jobs as a SEO expert for more than 5 years. I am skilled in both off and on page. I am diligent, active and very passionate about profession.

I am a professional having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from (the university you have studied in). I have the absolute knowledge of the skills required in this field. I am swifty, agile and always ready to adapt ideas flourishing my knowledge. I can effortlessly give you an assistance and illustrate the things you need at ease. Additionally, I have a good timing sense with multitasking capability.

I have expertise in blog posting, social bookmarking link wheel, directory submission, social bookmarking link wheel, directory submission and whatnots. Furthermore, In case of page skills, I have acquired a sound knowledge of website analysis, google analytics, keyword research, content optimization etc.

Therefore, I am very much interested in working with you on your project. I hope that my words have been able to convince you and I expect a positive reply from you. Looking forward to creating a good team and building up a working relationship together.

Thank you.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (02)

Hello, I am (write your name here). I am very much delighted by your job posting and enormously interested to apply for the post. I have gone through and found that ou have been looking for a SEO specialist who is able to run your business swiftly. So, I want to apply for the job as I am an expert in Search Engine Optimization and I am exploring this arena for quite a long time.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from (the name of your university). I am your right choice for this job and I am prepared to enter into your verse as I have prepared myself with all the skills you have been looking for. I have expertise in track performances, trouble shooting, social marketing, competitor analysis, XML sitemap and so on to give a solution in all your problems.

I am professional in all the possible ways. Additionally, I am a focused, hardworking, persuasive, enthusiastic and more importantly passionate for my works. I have kept an open eye for welcoming new ideas and techniques. I can assure you of my honesty and responsiveness. I am confident that you will be able to put a good use of my skills and talents.

Therefore, I would like you take me into your consideration. If I have been able to create an impression about myself and my expertise, please do make an interview. I am looking forward to working on your project with eagerness.

Thank you.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (03)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert (04)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert


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