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We are happy to disclose your disclaimer for jobsson.com. Please read the whole statement and, if you’ve any more quires about our site’s disclaimer, contact us via the email at [email protected]

Disclaimers for Jobsson

The information we ask for, is for the betterment and procedure of fulfilling the purposes. You provide information totally by your risk as Jobsson doesn’t offer any warranties. You provide us with the personal information by trusting and relying on our legitimate privacy policy. So, be careful before putting any wrong step, because Jobsson has nothing to do for your losses by taking an ignorant step.

Another thing to keep in mind that, the links of websites come up in your site, are the result of our providing you with relatable or quality links. But we can’t master their content and behavior of those sites. It depends on the site owner and we may not notice the situation before it becomes worse.

 Also, be conscious about the fact that each website has their individual privacy policy. So before engaging in any business or providing any personal information to them, make sure, you go through all the terms and conditions of these websites.


Once you accept to use our website, you, hereby give compliance to our disclaimer and ready to follow all its terms and conditions.


If any amendment occurs, it will be showed in here prominently.

Thanks a lot

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