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Do you like to write a professional profile overview for Upwork to get a suitable job for your position as a freelancer? Well, you are then exactly in the right place! I will share some live tips to arrange your profile overview so that you can grab the desired job you are looking for.

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This professional Upwork profile overview example & Sample will help you to write your best own content. Opportunities are always there for us but we rarely can achieve them because of the lack of our expressiveness and the urge to get the job. So, basically, here you’ll be content enough by the service we are going to grant you. Look carefully and grab your favorite sample for your favorite job.

How to Write a Professional Overview for Upwork?

Well, it is quite tough to write a professional overview for upwork to grab the attention of the job giver in the first place! You have to play on some tricks to get it easily. If you want a click on your profile overview you have to make it qualitative. You also have to create good attention by keeping your overview short and clean. Sometimes freelancers are not adept enough to understand the fact that a killer overview which is written in the right pattern is more important than the numerous skills a freelancer has occupied.

So here we are going to sort your problem straight out by providing our best concern in this matter. Some best templates are given here so that the freelancer can use them every now and then to get the perfect job. Tips are given as a bonus.

Professional Overview Upwork Sample & Example

01. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Article Writing

02. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer

03. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant

04. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Data Entry

05. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Web Developer

06. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for SEO Expert

07. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Graphic Designer

08. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Digital Marketing

09. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App/ Android / iOS

10. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Interior Design, Exterior Design

11. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for UI & UX Designer

12. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Affiliate Marketing

13. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Video Editor, 2D, 3D, Animation

14. Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Youtube Marketer


1.  Professional Overview Upwork (Listing up Format)

There are a lot of freelancers who are of great experienced expertise in their own field. Some done a lot of fine works that their skills are inexpressible through words and for them listing up the skills is the best option to uphold their samples of great work. Besides, it is less time consuming for the clients and many of them appreciate it in this modern era.   

Professional Overview Upwork (Template 01)

Hello this is Bunty. I would be honored working on your project immediately and have been working in this sector for 7 long years.

  1. Stating all your skills or quote a precedent regarding this project with the mention of the duration of your experience you have to show them how technically you can achieve their goal with ease.
  2. List up your efficiency, proficiency and dexterity linked with the job description.

Things you will get through my work:

  1. Set forth, what your client is going to be provided by you and moreover, how you want to handle the project without causing zero trouble.
  2. Interpret with your clever words how much you want this job, and provoke him to choose you over hundreds of candidates, and by putting some convincing and credible words make the occasion for him to create detailed conversation about the job, later with you.

    I have an amazing capability of working hard.

Write a Professional Overview Upwork Example

Tips to Follow:

1. Add your years of experiences in the overview. In that way the client gets a notion about you and starts to believe in your work.

2. To uphold your numerous skills it is often impossible to show it on an overview. So here is a nice option of listing up your talent and showing it up on your overview.

3. As an old expertise, you should note down the main prospects your client is going to have by you just like this template.

4. Again, you have to play this game swiftly as not all the clients are going to read the list of your skills. So to provoke your client you need to put some sweet persuasive words which can seek the attention of the client in a greater way.

5. This template is short because, when you have more skills to uplift then do not add words that are useless. It is an unwise stupidity which you have to avoid.

 2. Professional Overview Upwork (Amateur’s Format)

As all the freelancers are not experienced, the noob one also needs to get a suitable project to shine as well. And for that, the amateur one should be less immature and more professional. Mainly, honesty would be the only way he should follow. No bluffing! Prove yourself by using the format we are providing you with.

Professional Overview Upwork (Template 02)

Hi there, my name is (write down your name).It will be my great pleasure if you give me the opportunity to work on your project as I am an expert in this sector for 2 years.

  1. Explain your skills and plantain related to the job and make a clear statement about the experience duration. If you are a newcomer in this section then only selection of the good words to the overview can grab the attention of the client. Moreover, illustrate that you occupy the distinctions needed for this particular job.
  2. Pick convincing words in case you are expressing that you are new in this section but your honesty can reach the goal of the client and he will not regret selecting you as his coworker.

 Things you will get if you hire me:

  1. Illustrate how your client can expect high professionalism and how he will be benefited through your fast turnaround and adaptability with all kinds of odds.
  2. Put a link to your portfolio, that helps enrich the desire of the client to hire you.
  3. Hence, ask two or three questions shortly if you have any regarding the job description.
  4. Finally, visualize your client with your words of how much you are pursuing this job and once you get it how you will make him content, so that he gives you the positive feedback of your overview and gives a thought to it and makes an interview with you.

Incidentally, I believe in hard labor.

Write a Professional Overview Upwork Example

Tips to Follow:

1. For a noob it has to be done always with the good and excellent choice of words. Because a client will always prefer the most experienced one. But you also can make the client give a thought on your overview too by using those convincing words.

2. You better read the whole description carefully before you write an overview. If you somehow miss some points then know that your overview will be rejected immediately. As a newcomer you should always be careful before you take a step.

3. From the overview we can see that the candidate has less experience and skills, yet he shows his enthusiasm and passion for the job. That’s a soft technique through which you might be selected for showing this honesty.

4. Be clear in every sentence and word you put. Keep your overview short, informative and eye-catchy with words. Show your passion and urge how much you are craving for this opportunity.

Now that we’ve come through the main segment of this article, as a freelancer you should keep some notes in your head always while writing up an overview. The following instructions will help you to stand on your own feet. Just have a quick glance fellas:

1. Be sure of your position

It is important that you know your ability before you are up for applying for a job. Apply for  it only when you are sure of the completion of the project. Do not waste the precious time of the clients by false claiming and ability.

2. Read the job description thoroughly

Clients are tricky. There are a lot of things you may miss if you just get vague knowledge by not reading the job description properly. And in that way, you would also miss your desirable job. Show the clients that you are smart enough for the job. 

3. Avoid using generic responses

Try to change your format of overview whenever you feel the need. For a picture perfect overview, do not use unusual and unnecessary words. That can only bring disaster. Make it lucid and plain.

4. No grammatical mistake

Well, it is important if you are thinking it is a less important part of your job because it is actually not. Many clients cannot stand wrong grammar and that’s where many freelancers lose their first impression. Silly mistakes of English grammar are unwanted.

5. Plagiarism is prohibited

Copy paste cannot be an option for an ambitious freelancer. It is always the bad side for the career of freelancers. If plagiarism is detected, the whole career can fall into the ground instantly. It is of course illicit to do and freelancers should never think of it as an option.

6. Be professional and persuasive

It is important to show professionalism in the work field like that. It is at the top of the list of the prospects of clients. Professionalism makes your overview more acceptable and provoking as well. Persuasive behavior is part of your job. So, a good client always appreciates that.

7. Do not beat around the bush

Add the skills you are really good at. Be straightforward and clear about your position. Make the overview comprehensible and acceptable. Avoid using all kinds of exaggeration expressions which are of no use.  

So these are the first and foremost rules and tips which a freelancer should always follow. Also, the templates are of great use as you can see the results are also included in the article. Do not step back and keep faith in the instructions we have provided you with. Only in this way you can bring immense success for sure.


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