Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer


This WordPress Developer profile overview sample for Upwork has earned 100+ jobs in the last week. If you cannot uphold yourself in the profile overview section, your client may not be attracted and may be disappointed to hire you. Since a profile overview is a real key to getting suitable jobs in hand, a freelancer should pay extra heed to this segment with careful steps. Let’s see: WordPress Developer Cover Letter Sample.

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Among the thousands of freelancers, how would your WordPress developer profile overview be the best? Well, that’s why here we are. Remember, every step you take to write up a profile overview, it is important that you read the job descriptions first with your careful notions. And then, a killer overview is to be written to catch the eyes of the client. 

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A slaying overview with the keywords can fetch the attention of the client within very less time. You have to keep your overview neat and organized. Add the apt skills at the apt place of your profile overview. Now, what skills should you add to your profile overview? For your convenience the skills are given below:

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  1. Technical and programming skills like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JS
  2. PHP,  ASP or Perl
  3. Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  4. Ability of creating websites of different configuration
  5. Supporting the whole system by mind blowing skills
  6. Basic understand of photoshop, MySQL Database, Bootstrap, jQuery
  7. Power of understanding the demand of the contemporary online market
  8. Persuasive and diplomatic power of managing the project into the right place
  9. Fitness in thinking strategically
  10. Adept in using the online sources like Bitbucket and Github
  11. Other soft skills like, honesty, loyalty and capable of giving the level best to the project
  12. Organizing skills and call off a meeting with right purpose and bring out the best through it
  13. Devoted to gain highest rank and maintaining confidentiality
  14. Analysis ability of problem solving methods and frank relationship with the customers and clients as well
  15. Up to date mindset and an aesthetic environment in designed website
  16. Basic skills in handling and tackling complex situations with the least time.
  17. Experiences of managing complex projects.

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So these are the prominent skills which you need to gain before you put any into the profile overview. Again, your overview should not be overlapped with hard skills only. There you have to show that you are capable enough to persuade your customers. Quality is all a client asks for. So do not waste your time focusing on the quantity.

Now we are going to provide you two samples of profile overview for the wordpress developers so that they learn it properly and can use it for their job purposes.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developers (01)

Hi there, it’s (write down your name). I am a wordpress developer with the experience duration of about 6 years. I possess the basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and other necessary skills needed in this sector. Also the long time experience has taught me how to make subtle solutions to any problem regarding this field.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University (write down your university name correctly). I am aware of basic technical and programming skills. Moreover, I am acknowledged with ASP or Perl, Bootstrap, JQuery, and a basic understanding of photoshop. With all the technical knowledge and skill regarding this sector, I also possess soft skills. I always try to make a quick turnaround of my job to the clients. In terms of honesty, I never compromise and do the best possible hard work.

PHP and MySQL is a game to me and I like to play this game. I set my goals in a realistic way and achieve them with strategic thinking. I can easily visualize my client’s plans and implement them in an artistic workmanship way which is satisfactory.

Therefore, I am confident enough to get your job done perfectly and absolutely. I am available to work with you. Thank you.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developers (02)

Hello! My name is (write down your name). I am a specialist in WordPress developing and have been working in this sector for about 4 long years. Till now I have experiences in developing wordpress themes, customizing plugins, block development for Gutenberg and many more.

I am a Bachelor’s degree holder in Software Engineering from the university of (write down your university name). With a deep knowledge of WordPress core and basic technical knowledge I can handle any project smoothly and professionally.

Besides the hard skills, what I emphasize more are the soft skills. I ensure perfect visualization and then the illustration of the job with quick turnaround of the job to my client. You can literally count on my both hard and soft skills. Including above all skills I am also acknowledged of the following skills:

  1. Front-end development skills like CSS, HTML, Javascripts and database, project and account management skill
  2. Creative in photoshop, UX Design, SEO expert, deep research ability
  3. Analytics, productive, originative.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer (03)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer (04)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for WordPress Developer


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