Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant (VA)


When you are an actual freelancer or may be a newbie, this Upwork profile overview sample for virtual assistants will help you how to score a job as a VA. Have you failed to get attention from your client? Do not know how to make an eye-catchy overview sample? Then definitely this article is going to help you to a very great degree with all the solutions you might need in this sector. Let’s see: Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Sample.

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Among all your stuff and skills, the VA upwork profile overview you created on yourself is the most important thing your client will be searching for, in the very first place. So, let’s not mess with it and figure out what are the enactments you need to follow while you are creating it. 

First Impression is the Last Impression 

You have to come up with something captivating in the first line of your profile overview as a VA. And more importantly do not forget to use your own words and speech passionately. Sticking to the requirements and provision written on the job description, you better not beat around the bush. It is better to confess all the skills you possess regarding the job. Also do not forget mentioning your soft skills too. 

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Sometimes soft skills come up more convincing to the clients even when you acknowledge less hard skills. Now let’s have a look in the skills you need to be recognized with for this job:

Desktop publishing skill for creating calendars, business cards, envelops, brochures and logos or menus

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  1. Skills in data entry, updating database and proofreading text.
  2. Effective communication power and adaptability in every environment.
  3. Excellent computer skills with fast typing and writing ability on related content.
  4. Efficient organizational skills and strategize.
  5. Developed sales, marketing and accounting knowledge and skill.
  6. Critical and independent thinking ability.
  7. Splendid interpersonal communication and business sense.
  8. Improved cloud based knowledge like password managing ability, using google voice tool and file sharing like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs etc.
  9. Excellent time management skill and showing take charge attitude.
  10. Word processing skills and quick thinking ability.
  11. Fast decision making skill and urge for continuous learning.
  12. Skills on email marketing and transcription.
  13. Copywriting skill and skill in WordPress.
  14. Flexibility, Teamwork attitude.
  15. Creative skills including writing for blogs, graphic designing, email automation and branding for websites and social media.
  16. Basic technical and programming skills like SEO, optimizing social media pages, website development and webinar set-up.
  17. Skills in integrations and systems set up and troubleshooting.

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So, these are some remarkable and noteworthy skills that you must come over with for scoring the job of virtual assistant. Since, this profession requires soft skills more than hard skills, so you must put effort on improving these. Moreover, your skills in other sectors can add some points too but it is quite unwise to put skills not related to the job description. A qualitative upwork overview can easily convince your client. Above all, working on ‘quality over quantity’ theory can bring you success easily.

Now, for your easy understanding with the overall essay, let’s make it easier for you by providing two samples over it.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant (01)

Thank you checking out my profile. I am an experienced Executive Assistant in multiple industries for the past 7 years. My motto is to help you run things in a smooth way. I am here so that all areas of your business can be taken care of.

I have been delivering an outstanding executive assistance in different areas including calendar management, copy editing, proofreading, online researching, email management, transcription, travel coordination, data entry, photo and video editing. Whether it is as a personal assistant for your travel management email reviewing or as an EA supporting you in the projects, I am willing to provide my best to be a part of your team.

I am very passionate about my career in Upwork. I am analytical, organized, self-motivated and detail oriented worker. I have been cirtified with the course work on Virtual Assistance. I am an expert in using a variety of programs like MS Outlook and Office, Quickbooks, Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator and Google Docs.I always prefer my client’s opinion to make things better

Since Upwork does not allow sharing personal numbers, we can be connected through Gmail (your mail id) or skype. I am here at your service for 24 hours. I usually work for 60 hours a week for my client’s satisfaction.

Also, I am pretty good at handling customers, their demands, and the necessity of contemporary situations. Furthermore,

  1. adept in data entry, excel , wordpress developing type of works
  2. management skills, content writing capability
  3. maintain rules and confidentiality of the company
  4. positive attitude towards complex situations    
  5. understanding ability of inconsistent atmosphere

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant (02) 

Hello it’s (write down your name).
As I have been working in this sector for a long period of 10 years, I have gained enormous knowledge in this field.

I can be of good use if you put me in the virtual assistant position. Being a multitasking expert I believe a VA would be the best job for me. I am skillful in computer science and have possessed many soft skills as well. I can analyze complex methods of data, manage a whole big meeting with possible outcomes, persuade my customers with great service and what not.

As a virtual assistant, I take great care of my clients by giving them uninterrupted ministration with the high speed of the internet. Also, I am brilliant at programming skills like SEO, website development, troubleshooting and other important segments.

If you provide me the golden opportunity I also can provide you with golden tricks with which your company can trust me more. Apart from this, I search for more knowledge regarding my workstation. I always work hard to find new ways of techniques to uphold the company with the highest rank.

So, I can tell that, hiring me is your best option as I have already mentioned my great skills.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant (03)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant (04)

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Virtual Assistant


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