Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting


I am about to write on a sample of Upwork Cover Letter for Forum Posting but please remind in mind that it a sample only. Please never dare to copy paste from here. Please go through the whole article and gather knowledge on web design proposal in upwork or any other platform. I wish you best of luck.

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Forum Posting, in easy words, is a part of off page SEO work. Now, a new freelancer might ask, why should someone do Off page SEO works with care? Well, the Off-Page Optimization increases the chances of your being found out on the organic search results which are undoubtedly, one of the main targets of a website. And Forum Posting is a process that does this job of yours just the way you want it. Let’s see

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Forum Posting not only helps you to increases web traffic but also increases your website backlinks at the same time as well. Message boards, discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards etc. are basically posted in a site as forums. Forum postings act as a good platform to communicate with other workers who are occupied in the same kind of working fields. It also helps to increase your awareness in the growing market. So, before you write a Cover Letter for any Forum Posting type Job Posting on Upwork, please make sure you know how to do these things with perfection. Click here to see Data Entry Portfolio Sample for Upwork and Freelancer.

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  1. Proper Title Selection
  2. Proper Insertion of Keywords
  3. Following proper Forum Guidelines
  4. Building do-follow links by getting backlinks
  5. Executing SEO techniques
  6. Quality link building strategy
  7. Signature backlink
  8. White hat backlinking
  9. High PR and DA backlink
  10. Anchor text linking using “title” tag
  11. Asking and Questioning in a forum
  12. Collecting vote in your answers

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Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Dear Hiring Manager,

Hello, my name is (put your name here)

Recently I read a job posting on Upwork which made me very happy because the job posting is 100% fit for my skills. If I’m not wrong, that particular job posting of yours was on Forum Posting. After I finished studying all of the job description, I have come to understand that you are in need of an expert forum poster with the updated knowledge of strong backlinking. To be honest with you, nowadays you’ll find a very few people who know completely about the forum posting.  Yes, you may find a hundred of workers who are just doing the spamming in the name of forum posting.

Now if you ask, what Forum posting really is,  I would say that it  is one of the most important tools of strong backlinking. You may not know this, but if one organization somehow manages to capture a large number of strong forum backlinks, success can easily come to the owner. You would be delighted to know that I have been attached with this kind of work with the do-follow backlinking for more than five years. I can proudly that I know anything and everything about the present condition of the market and the world of forum posting.

For the records, I want to say that I have successfully completed a great number Forum Posting projects in my previous years. I always build up a chain of do-follow link by getting backlinks so that a website always gets more traffic.   If you want to know more information about my previous works, I request you to visit my work history. As success is my main aim, I always find my way to success gain by hook or by crook. And for this very reason I strongly believe that I will be able to satisfy you in this project. So I really hope that you would put your trust in me and you would hire me.

If you want to contact me for any reason, you will find me always available on Email and Skype. I will dedicate more than 60 hours per week to work on your project if I’m hired. I am very much interested to start your project as soon as possible according to you with your permission.

Thank you for your consideration
Best Regards
Write down (Your Name Here)

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Sample 01: Job Posting on Forum Posting

Job Title: Looking For a Forum Poster for Posting in Indian Forums and Portals
Job Description: We urgently need a Forum Poster who knows well about off page SEO works. The worker will post our press release (article) in South Indian Portals and Forums.
Topic of those articles is business, IT and finance.
You will have to report with:

  1. Post link
  2. Login and Passwords

We will need at least 50 posts. We will pay you $10 per report as pay-as-you-go method.
You don’t need to be an expert to finish this project; you just need to know about basic ideas of Off Page SEO and how Google works.

Interested workers submit their proposals quickly please.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Sample 02: Job Posting on Forum Posting

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Sample 03: Job Posting on Forum Posting

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Sample 04: Job Posting on Forum Posting

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

Sample 05: Job Posting on Forum Posting

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Forum Posting

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