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Welcome to the privacy policy statement of The privacy policy is open to the online activities for the visitors. We retain your information from being revealed by controlling our privacy policy. If any visitor wants to ride our domain’s contact information, you are welcome to contact us but not for spamming. We do not collect any visitors private data for further uses. is open for all visitors online. We did not put any filter in visitors’ IP controlling, and we do not collect any single data for our personal use. Only Google Analytics collect some data for geographical presentation. And, that is not any personal data.

Also, if you have any other query regarding our privacy policy, feel free to knock us.

Who we are?

Our website address is:
Organization: Jobs Son
Address: Mohakhali, Dhaka
Skype: jobsson


Once you start using our website, you automatically give compliance to our instructions and terms of Privacy policy.

Information We Receive

Some information which we will ask you to provide us with are valid and you’ll be given answers regarding all your queries. We’ll make all your doubts clear and assure safety of your private pieces of information.

If want to reach us directly and want to add more information about you which are legit, then you are welcome. We may ask for your name, address, email address, contact number, about your content or attachments and so on.

In case you register for an account, your name, email address, company name, phone number and other valid pieces of information will be asked for. Remember one thing that, you must put all the information accurately. Otherwise, it will not bring any help to you.

How We Use Your Information

The pieces of information we collect are worked as many ways and among them

  1. For maintenance, operating and handling our website
  2. Conducting, purifying and extending our website
  3. Developing the system, and interpreting our website
  4. Comprehending and analyzing how you should control our website
  5. For contacting you through your contact numbers and give you latest updates about the market you’re expanding in our website
  6. Sending you mails
  7. For assuring your information away from the third undesired party or fraud

Log Files

Jobsson inserts log files which are the best for network observation ability. These computers generated files log the visitors and captures all the information about the conducting procedure and their usage process. It is a legit and important term for all hosting companies. Generally, the IP addresses, Internet data usages, pattern, browser stand, operations, IPS and information about visitors’ access are captured in log files. This information later helps to analyze data, conduct the sites and critical applications and collecting demographic data.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies and web beacons are needed to track the visitors and for identification. Jobsson is not lagging behind as it also uses cookies. Storing all the information about the sites and the visitors who have visited the sites already, the cookies help to optimize or figure out the right browser regarding the web page content.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookie

As a minor vendor, Google also inserts cookies to the websites and those are named as DART cookies. The purpose of the DART cookies is to stream advertisements to our site visitors including other sites as well. However, applying some settings, or clicking to the URL you can abate the use of DART cookies.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

By using high-end technologies like web beacons or cookies, the third party interferes in your websites to advertise their websites consisting related content. You can confer the privacy policy of the advertising partners of Jobsson by following the catalog.

The technology that the third party uses to advertise can automatically grab the IP address and this happens to understand the impact of their ad contents. Jobsson play no role when the advertisements occur by the third party.

They simply can’t master the cookies or javaScript or web Beacons of third party.       

Third Party Privacy Policies

As Jobsson has no role on controlling over the cookies of third parties, you better consult with the third parties concerning their privacy policy.

Jobsson, individually, doesn’t evoke other websites for advertising. Understanding the privacy policy of the third-party and follow the instructions may help you opt-out of definite chances.

Moreover, there are several detailed pieces of information about declining cookies with certain web browsers. Also, you can click the browser option for disqualifying cookies firmly.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Save My Personal Data)

One of the CCPA privacy rights is it assures that the consumers must have their data secured and not leaked in any despicable way.

Again, the company must cancel the secret data of the consumers the moment it has gathered it.

Also, the CCPA privacy rights compel to explain its consumers about the reasons behind asking personal data about them.

For applying any of the rights on your website, kindly, contact with us.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

As we don’t compromise about collecting pieces of data continuously, here we provide some facilities under the requests of the users. And those are,

The right to entrée – You are entitled with the privilege of getting copies of your personal data and for this service it may cost some fee.

The right of amendment – If it seems to you that any information is incorrect from your view, your request will be accepted to rectify the data.

The right to efface – Under rational reasons, you can request to efface your secret information.

The right to thwart any process – you’ve full accessibility for requesting to restrict the scheming of your information under legit conditions.

The right to question the procedure – You can arise questions about our procedure regarding the safety issues of your personal information.     

  The right to data transferability – you’ve rights to tell us to transfer your data to another party maintaining the safety procedure.

If you request any of the rights of the above, we are here to respond you within the less period. So, please contact with us.

Children’s Information

We are strictly protected about the children who are under the age of 13. We highly recommend you to supervise their online activities to prevent them from involving in this kind of information.

Jobsson is determined to not get secret information from children under aged knowingly. You can connect with us if information gets leaked by children, and we’ll take apt steps to remove the records.

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