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Are you searching for a professional upwork cover letter sample for WordPress Development? I am going to provide the best type of professional cover letter samples for wordpress developer. Hope you will be satisfied with this sample. Let’s see: WordPress Developer Profile Overview Sample

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Many freelancers apply for WordPress related job postings without even knowing what WordPress really is. Even if they don’t know what WordPress is and how it works. They do not know how to write a proper and killer cover letter on Upwork.

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So, we are providing all the information about WordPress here. Even more, we are providing a sample Cover Letter so that you can write your own unique Upwork cover letter. We are also providing a sample job posting on WordPress so that you can understand what kind of job postings are published on Upwork. But before getting to that let’s discuss something important about WordPress first. Click here to see Data Entry Portfolio Samples for Upwork

Basically, WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool which is written in PHP. But if we talk simply, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system or mostly known as CMS in existence nowadays.

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If you are working in a good and famous company you might have used WordPress to publish something on the web. But you may not know that most of the famous blogsites, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress for their own reasons.

For an instant example, famous blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch are both on WordPress. News outlet giants like The New York Times’ blogs and CNN’s on-air personality blogs –  all of them use WordPress too. 

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Now, if you want to make your fortune by doing WordPress jobs, make sure you know how to conduct these things successfully before submitting cover letter on Upwork –

  1. Exploring the WordPress
  2. Using Dashboard
  3. Using the WordPress Admin Bar
  4. Exploring WordPress Settings
  5. Creating a WordPress Post
  6. Adding Links in WordPress
  7. Adding Images in WordPress
  8. Using the WordPress Media Library
  9. Formatting WordPress Posts
  10. Scheduling WordPress Posts
  11. Using WordPress Categories & Tags
  12. Creating a WordPress Page
  13. Applying a WordPress Page Template
  14. Installing WordPress Plugins
  15. Using WordPress Widgets
  16. How to Install a WordPress Theme
  17. Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress
  18. Managing Comments in WordPress
  19. Creating Users in WordPress
  20. Etc.

WordPress Development Cover Letter Sample

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am submitting my candidacy for the position of WordPress Developer for this project of yours. With my bachelor’s degree in computer science and with the help of my voluntary WordPress certification I have earned 3 years of experience as an entry-level WordPress developer. I am more than confident that I can make your project successful within a short period of time.

You would be happy to know that my professional experience includes designing and implementing web pages, user interfaces and plugins for WordPress. I have been helping my clients to troubleshoot and fix their WordPress products from past several years. I have also been designing themes that are as functional as they are beautiful and I have created the best products possible.

So I  hope to bring my programming skills, love of WordPress and eye for design to make your project successful.
I am grateful for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you further about this position. You can always find me available on Email and Skype. I’m willing to work for 60 hours per week for your project if you hire me once.

Warm regards,
Write down (your name here)

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for WordPress Developer

Sample 01: Job Posting Sample for WordPress Developer

Job Title: Looking for an Expert WordPress Developer
Job Description: We are looking for an expert WordPress Developer who is able to conduct both back-end and front-end development. He will be also in charge of creating WordPress themes and plugins. To apply for particular job posting, you will require a combination of programming skills including PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. And you will also have to understand the aesthetics which mainly understands element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, and so on. The candidate must have a strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems because responsive and adaptive design is strongly preferred here. Also, an understanding of the entire web development process, including design, development, and deployment is preferred if you want to apply.

We will pay you $7000 whole for the project. Interested workers drop their proposals fast. Thank you.

Sample 02: Job Posting Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for WordPress Developer

Sample 03: Job Posting Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for WordPress Developer

Sample 04: Job Posting Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for WordPress Developer

Sample 05: Job Posting Sample for WordPress Developer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for WordPress Developer

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