Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer/ Android/ iOS


Let’s see the professional upwork profile overview samples for mobile app developer (android & ios). If you want to score the best among the highest paying tech jobs in freelancing, this overview is slaying this sector today by representing a killer profile overview. Let’s see: Mobile Apps Developer Cover Letter Sample.

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Mobile app developers or android developers are creating a high demand, no offense! You may be self taught or you might have a degree related to this sector which helps you through your work. But most of all, what you need is a perfect portfolio with a marvelous overview.

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So, instead of having both hard and soft skills in this sector if you are lacking in writing an excellent overview then this post is written for you. An overview should be a thing where you enlist all your skills in a short but in a fathom way. When you are writing an overview you must read the job description first with care. Without reading that out you may miss some codes that are compulsory to put in your overview.

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Again, there are many of you who do not empower all the technical knowledge required in this tech freelancing sector. But if you can make your client understand that how much you are interested to do this job and how much you are a good and quick learner then it’s all yours. Trust me, all a client wants is the extensive passion you carry inside you for this job. 

Qualities and Skills you Need in a Mobile App Developer Profile Overview

  1. Efficiency in APIs, android SDK and android studio and other requisite tools.
  2. Skills in java programming and proper and detailed knowledge about designing.
  3. Proficiency in cross platform solutions, android programming knowledge and platforms.
  4. Basic knowledge about C++, CSS and C#.
  5. Knowledge about data algorithms, structures and UI or UX requirements.
  6. Ideas about computer science, core data, GitHub and Git.
  7. Skills in iOS platforms, PHP and structured query language (SQL).

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  1. Fruitful communication skill with productive ideology and creativity.
  2. Multitasking, troubleshooting and excellent analytical skills.
  3. Critical thinking ability and skill in document building process.
  4. Splendid time management skill and creating positive vibes in attitude.
  5. Proper maintenance ability and keeping thyself up to date with the trends.
  6. Feasible problem solving and presentation skill.
  7. Knowledge about mobile design paradigm, debug code and test.
  8. Efficiency in web designing, development, python and google play store.
  9. Avail in cyber security, business capability and spatial reasoning.
  10. Acknowledgement in apple’s Xcode IDE and grand central dispatch.

So, these are the most acquired skills you should rapt inside you. If you occupy these points more or less then it would be quite easy to turn your desired job on. Because when you are overcast with these skills then all you have to do is write a strong, nailing and topnotch overview. To ease this point to you we are providing two samples below. 

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS) – 01

Hello, my name is (write down your name). I am an android and iOS developer and have been working in this interesting profession for about 3 long years and have become able to extract immense success through it. As I have gone through your job post with full attention, I can assure of my capability and wisdom which are worth the job.

I have a reputed educational background as I am a graduate in Computer Science Engineering with the highest CGPA from a reputed University which is (write down the name of your University). Also, I have earned a lot of technology based competition by creating several interesting apps.

Thus, android apps and iOS are nothing but a playstation for me. I am so skillful of creating new apps in these devices and can monitor them with total effort. I also no longer update the apps according to the demands of the users.

I have a group ready to help me out of any complex situations and we understand the effect of group work. I run tests for my new project and submit it on time. I am a full on servant to my client until the job is done.

Pick me on Skype if you feel I am worth the job.
Thank you.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS) – 02

Hi, it’s (write down your name). As an expert of Android apps and iOS I am here to claim the post of the job that you have mentioned in the job description. Also, I am adequate enough for the job.

I have a bachelor’s degree on CSE and done many courses in app development. 4 years of experiences have also made me a professional master on this ground.

My previous clients were boundless happy with my service as I gave them my 100 percent and tried to be focused on my job only. I have abundant knowledge in the technical sector as I always try to solve complex codes with an analytical mindset.

My own created apps for Apple and Windows never flopped. “Easy storybook study app”, “maintain your own fitness app”, “Want food app”; these are the famous apps developed by me which have got a huge response from the public.

Again, my other soft skills are appreciable too. So, if you choose me as your co-worker, things will get better, no doubt.
Thank you.

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS) – 03

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS) – 04

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer (Android/ iOS) – 05

Upwork Profile Overview Sample for Mobile App Developer

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