Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design


It’s really not unnatural if you see people searching for Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design to simply copy and paste it somewhere else. It’s simple why they do so and that’s because they don’t know how to write a proper cover letter. So don’t blame yourself even if you have done it sometimes. click here to see Data Entry Portfolio Sample for Upwork Freelancer.

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Our aim is to provide you the best sample cover letters so that you can learn how to write your own killer cover letter.  You can easily download pdf file for sample letter from here. We’ll provide you the best cover letter for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design so that you can write your own cover letter to get a job. But if you simply want to copy and paste, this sites us not for you.

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We will also provide you a sample job posting on Engineering Design/Architectural Design to help you out. You can download all the pdf files from here. Now if you are thinking what are Engineering Design /Architectural Design and how it works?

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Architectural engineering is also known as building engineering. It is more like the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. If I had to define an architectural engineer, I would say, An engineer who works in the structural, mechanical, electrical, construction or other engineering fields of building design and construction is called an Architectural Engineer.

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Structural engineering is much more complex and different from other engineering works because structural engineering involves the analysis and design of physical objects including buildings, bridges, equipment supports, towers and also walls. Engineers who are mostly concentrated on buildings are responsible for the structural performance of a large part of the built environment.  Structural Engineers sometimes, informally are referred to as “building engineers”. Structural engineers require expertise in strength of materials and in the seismic design of structures where a particular part of knowledge is covered by earthquake engineering. Architectural Engineers sometime always obey the structural discipline as their work serves as a special and crucial part as they work closely with architects and other engineering specialists.

Now you maybe think that Architectural Engineering and Architecture is the same thing. Not at all! Sorry to disappoint you but these two terms are completely different and they have different means of work as well.

What differentiates architectural engineering from architecture (architect) as a separate and single and integrated field of study is compared to other engineering disciplines, Architectural Engineering is more like a multi-disciplinary engineering approach. Through hard training and great appreciation of architecture, the field seeks integration of building systems within its overall building design. So, in a word, Architectural Engineers are those professionals who help an architect to complete a building.

I hope our information was helpful for you to understand what are Engineering Design/ Architectural Design.

If you want to be an Architectural Engineer and make Engineering Designs, these will be your daily duties –

  1. Design Brief
  2. Analysis
  3. Research
  4. Specification
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Presentation
  7. Development
  8. Testing Models
  9. Implementation
  10. Evaluation and Conclusion
  11. Re-design
  12. Design Drawings
  13. Architectural Drawings
  14. Floor Plan
  15. Many other duties

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Dear Mr. (Write Down your client’s name here)
Moments ago, I studied all the available details from your job description sector. And after having finished reading, I came to understand that you need a new architectural engineer to create unique Engineering Designs/ Architectural Designs for your project. With this letter, I wish to express my strongest intentions to work with you in this project. Because of my four years of experience in design and construction, I am feeling much confident that I would bring several areas of excellence to your project.

If you want more details about qualifications and work history, my profile, port folio and work record is enclosed with the letter for your review and consideration.
In my current position, you would be delighted to know that I manage a team of designers who coordinate various consultants and work streams under demanding deadlines. I have contributed to the design of numerous high-rise projects including (Name the projects you have finished successfully. If you don’t have any, please skip last two lines).

Through these and other projects detailed in my resume, I can proudly tell you that I am experienced with building materials and systems, sustainability techniques and construction administration on complex projects. I also possess an extensive experience with a broad range of design and management software including Auto CAD, Sketch up, Rev it, 3DS Max and Adobe Suite.

I also have several degrees over Architectural Designs; you will find them in my on profile. I am always available on Email and Skype if you ever want to contact me. Please feel free to make a call anytime you see fit.
I am willing to work for 60 hours per week for your project if you hire me once.
Thanks for Considering, 
Write Down (Your Name Here)

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Sample 01. Job posting sample on Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Job Title: Need an Architectural Designer to make unique designs

Job Description: Our Company, ‘Triple M Designers’ (made up name)   we believe that great experiences start with the right people. We believe that work should be challenging, and the challenge should be should be solved with fun. We value and respect our employees. We also value or employee’s experience and expertise as well as their energy, passion and diversity. And we never forget to appreciate their unique innovative approaches to work and to life.

Currently we are facing the challenge of finding out the best Architectural Designer/ Engineering Designer for our company. The worthy engineer, who will join our online team, must fulfill these responsibilities with sincerity and fun.

  1. The new recruit will have to participate in development of presentation documents in coordination with team and with oversight of the Principal Design Architect.
  2. He will have to participate in development of design concepts in Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents.
  3. He will have to anticipate in preparation of construction documents with other team members.

If you want to apply for this post, a Bachelor Degree in architecture is required.

You also must possess a vast knowledge and awareness in all phases of architectural/engineering practice. You must be proficient with AutoCAD & Revit and you must be knowledgeable with other design software as well if you want to apply for the post.

We are offering a full time job here and the starting salary will be $8000 per month and it will increase with every successful project.

Interested Designers please drop their proposals soon. Thank you.

Sample 02. Job posting sample on Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Sample 03. Job posting sample on Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Sample 04. Job posting sample on Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Sample 05. Job posting sample on Engineering Design/ Architectural Design

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Engineering Design/ Architectural Design


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