Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer


Let’s download the freelancer proposal sample for wordpress developer and write your own professional cover letter. Among all the sectors of freelancing, these days wordpress developing and designing is slaying all over the market place. A wordpress developer can earn legitimately. I mean, you work at home and what you do is your favorite thing to do. And most importantly you earn money! Let’s see WordPress Developer Profile Summary Sample

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Now, have you got a proposal or sample for scoring the job? Okay, let me guess! Stuck with the ideas about writing a proposal that will convince the client the moment he reads that, right? Welcome then! Here we serve you all the concepts and ideas concerning an impressive proposal.

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Basically, you need to be way more professional when you are writing about all your skills and comprehensions. The client would love to see your efficiency that ensures that you are worth the job. Visualizing both your soft and hard skills rhythmically would help you a lot. Don’t miss: Freelancer Proposal Sample for SEO Expert

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Now, let’s see the skills needed in this job, whether you’re acquainted with or not!

Skills Needed to Write WordPress Developer Proposal for Freelancer:

  1. Knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and ASP
  2. Having all kind of portable support
  3. Skills on frontend and backend development
  4. Skills in Search Engine Optimization
  5. Having critical analytical thought and all kind of portable support
  6. Acknowledgement about marketing, sales and technical competence
  7. Multitasking, focus, confident and strong personality
  8. Working skills on testing, feedback and customer service
  9. Willingness for delegation and stiff planning and good communication

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So, these are common skills for a wordpress developer and I am sure you are acknowledged about all of it. If not, then work on these skills first and then make the next step. Now, we will give you two proposal samples followed by a job description for wordpress developers.

Job Description (Project Details)


  1. Performing on the frontend and backend activites
  2. Making tenacious plans and maintaining communications related to wordpress
  3. Acting on analytical activities and handling projects regarding wordpress


We are looking for a pro webpress developer for our company who will be qualified and skilled enough. You have to work according to the skills required in this sector. From handling the projects to making successful movements relating to wordpress, you will be responsible.


  1. Must have experiences of 5+ years working as a wordpress developer
  2. Understanding of the all strategies and deftness about policies and terms related wordpress
  3. Skills in using of all the tools required in wordpress designing
  4. Being updated with all the latest versions and knowing all the basics

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer (01)

My name is (write down your name). I am a pro developer in wordpress with the counting of 6 years experience. These whole years of experience have made me the most exceptional and demanding one. Among all the other expert wordpress developers, I genuinely express intensive skills every client wants.

I am a Bachelor’s degree holder in Computer Science Engineering from the varsity of (write down your university name correctly). If I talk about the skills for this job I do not lack anything. I am tremendously good at all the basics like HTML, CSS, PHP, J5 etc. I am acquainted with all the tools to be efficient with for this job. Moreover I am good at photoshop, Github, bootstrap and what not!

I have exceptionally solid problem solving power and my strategies of handling events are way more convincing. I can visually represent what my client wants in my works. So far, I am rated with five stars with my job. I do not compromise with my work and I do not dare to mess with my coworkers. I am honest and confident. I possess all the qualities you need for this job.

Again, I am a learner. I love to learn things, testing on them and love having feedback. Every day I determine to be a more improved one.

Above all, I hope you give a glimpse on my application and give a positive vibe towards. I would love to work with your company and make massive success together. I am looking forward to hearing a yes from you.
Thank you.

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer (02)

Hi there,
it’s (write down your name accurately).
I have read your whole job description according to your full requirements. It is my immense pleasure to let you know that I empower all the skills you have required. I have been working in this online marketplace for a long and precious 7 years. 7 years is a big number you see! And that helped me be proficient in other sectors of freelancing too.

I have been working with bootstrap, python, PHP, CSS3. J5, UX, JQuery and UI designing for more than 12 years. I have an appreciable amount of guts to finish work due time with heavy loads. I always make different strategies to tackle things properly. With quick response I can make fast and effective decisions. I have high observing and monitoring power. I work with the market demand and always try to follow the latest versions.

WordPress is the best cms and I have been working with WordPress and single coding development for more than 6 years. I have experienced things years after years and now I have sharp instincts about this marketplace. I am able to work in a team or individual. I am multitasking, compassionate and observant. You can count on my perseverance and honesty. I have always been involved in long term professional relationships with my clients. I am stable and attentive. I assure you that you will have no trouble from me.

Therefore, considering all the qualities I hold I am sure you definitely want to try me. And that is what I want. If I get the chance I will please you with my proficiency that’s for sure. There will be no room for regretting, trust me. So, I would be honored if you count me in and let me serve you.
Thank you.

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer

Freelancer Project Details Sample for WordPress Developer (01)

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer

Freelancer Project Details Sample for WordPress Developer (02)

Freelancer Proposal Sample for WordPress Developer



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