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This Article writer proposal sample for freelancer will help you to get your expected jobs at the very first bidding. There’s no doubt that writing is a novel profession. Writing is a collaboration of imagination power, knowledge and information. If you can communicate with the readers through your writing, feel free to consider yourself a good writer. In that case, choices of words are also very important. Let’s see Article Writer Profile Summary Samples

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There are many job sectors available for good article writers like Moreover, this technological age has come as a blessing for writers. There’s a high demand for writers in the freelancing world. The demand for article writers is also getting higher day by day in the freelancing platform. In order to do well in this sector as an article writer, you have to be creative and skilled enough. 

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Only then you can think of ruling in the freelance market. There’s no denying that the competition is also getting higher. That’s why only good or mediocre writing is not enough to get a job as an article writer. You have to show your creativity and smartness through the writings.

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In that case, proposal sample letters play a very significant role. If your proposal sample letter is not interesting enough, clients won’t be interested in working with you. That’s why you have to write the best one. It is seen that many article writers don’t get their desired content or project in spite of having good writing skills. So, if you are included in one of those who failed to write a good proposal letter and wondering what to do to solve this problem, then calm down. There’s nothing to be worried about.

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We are here to help you. Yes, you have heard the right thing!! We are providing some excellent proposal sample letters for article writers. Those will certainly help you to write the best sample letter that you want to write. And the good news is we are not only providing proposal sample letters but also giving much information and tips about article writing.

Skills should have as a Freelance Article Writer

Article writing has earned huge limelight in the freelancing market over the world. Nowadays freelance article writers also earn good money. That’s why mediocre writing is not appreciated anymore. Clients’ expectations have also become higher. They expect you to be skilled and experienced enough to fulfill the job in time. In this case, you have to be very punctual and active. In order to become successful in this sector, you have to use your creativity and imagination power. Plagiarism is not appreciated here.

Tips before Writing Article Writer Proposal for Freelancer

  1. Receiving clear directions from the clients and writing according to these directions should have one of the important duties of an article writer.
  2. In order to get proper knowledge about the given topic, you have to search a lot. Search the previous and the new references for the main topic.
  3. Do a lot of research on the web and collect as much information as you can. It will help you to write freely.
  4. You should be able to gather a deeper knowledge of the main topic. Organize and write your collected information in a certain format.
  5. Keywords are very important for article writings. So you have to keep searching for keywords.
  6. You have to maintain the given time very carefully and submit the full prepared article in time.
  7. Language skills are also very important. In order to write your article properly, you have to be skilled in grammar, spelling and word choices.
  8. Typing skills are also needed. Having a high speed of typing is certainly helpful to complete your work on time.
  9. Editing skills are also important. Need to have the ability to create, write and edit your content writings instantly.
  10. Need to use some software tools for writing. Such as PowerPoint, excel, word press, SEO, HTML

Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (01)

Dear hiring manager,
I’m Geet from India.

I came to know you have posted an article writing related job on I’ve read your job proposal very carefully and I’m thinking of myself as a candidate for this job. As I have the certain article writing experiences that you need for this job.

I have written more than 5k articles in the last few years. As I’ve 5 years of writing experience, I know my duties very well. I can assure you that I’ll be very active and punctual about time and make your project successful.

There’s also some unique qualities in me which might attract you. I can tell you that I’ve got the quality to write about any topic instantly. In the past, I’ve also written many articles on literature, agricultural methods, business industries, body care products, reviewing products, laptops, etc. Every time I make sure that my writing is on the main point and through my writings, I can connect with readers.

I prefer to use Word press, EXCEL, PowerPoint and search engine optimization (SEO) for my article writings. And also do a lot of search on the relevant topic to get proper knowledge.

If you hire me for this job, I will continue my work according to the time schedule given on the job post and submit a fully completed project within time without making any mistakes.
I’ll wait for your response. If you want, contact me through email or Skype.

Thank you.

Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer (02)

Hello, I’m Geet.

I’ve seen your job posting on just now. I would like to let you know that I’m very much interested to dedicate myself in this project and make it successful. After reading your job proposal I felt so interested that I did not take any time to apply. I believe that I’m just perfect for this job.

I may not have many years of working experience but I’ve certain qualities which make me good in this sector. My educational background has helped me to a certain extent, I’ve completed my graduation in English literature. That’s why I’ve good command over this foreign language and my writing expressions are also reader-friendly so that the readers can understand the feelings and connect with my writings. I guess communicating with people through writing is also very important for your project.

I can write guest posting, copy writing, seo writing, website content, news article, forum article, engagement articles, research articles, etc.

I’ll look forward to getting a response from you. If you feel interested, you can contact me through email, Skype, What’s App.

Thank you.

Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

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Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

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Article Writer Proposal Sample for Freelancer



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