Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer


A killer Web Developer proposal for a freelancer is needed to get a job which is precious. And if you are searching for a dream job and want to grab it and mark it as the symbol of your bright future then you are on the right path. Through this article you are going to have your desirable job for sure. Let’s see Web Developer Profile Summary Sample

Also, we are going to provide you with two samples of freelance proposals for web developers along with a sample of job description for your utter convenience.

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Tips to be Noted when Writing a Web Developer Proposal in Freelancer

Writing up a proposal for a project from a client does require some pros and cons. Like, you have to contemplate on the job description first. It gives you an idea of what skills you must possess and on that basis you have to uplift your capabilities through a proposal.

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Another important thing is that a proposal carries the information of the skills, experiences and achievements of a freelancer. So it has to be described precisely so it plays a vital role of persuading the client.

Be honest enough that copy paste is not your cup of tea. You share your own ideas and creative genuine talent. So it is important that you know your worth and give your best to achieve the brightest future anyway.

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Show professionalism and maturity in your proposal. Do not be unreal and fraud. It will only bring disaster and you should keep that in mind. Profession based proposals are the most welcoming to the clients.

Do not share personal events or incidents. It is not the part of a proposal and among thousands of applicants your proposal would become useless if you put any word that is not related to the project. Take extra care of your Grammar as well.

Skills for Web Developer Proposal in Freelancer

Now, The must have skills you need to acquire to become a pro web developer are given below:

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Technical or programming skills on HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript libraries, WordPress, PHP, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 along with other relatable web developing coding languages.

  1. SEO, graphic designing, Photoshop, responsive design, E-Commerce
  2. Education qualification and certifications on areas like SQL and JavaScript would make one more marketable.
  3. Soft skills oriented with self-motivated, detail associated, focused.
  4. Analytically problem solving methods, (SOAP/REST) web services, UI.
  5. Understanding values of a demand-able project on market.
  6. Overseeing confidentiality and data security  
  7. Superintending meeting and organizational and management capability, verbal communication.
  8. Meeting deadlines and sober under peer pressure
  9. Adequate experiences of some years.

Well, as you have come to know the skills it requires to become a pro web developer, now you should catch an eye on the sample of job description that we are going to provide you so that you understand how a client wants a freelancer to be presented on a proposal.

Web Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancers (01)    

Hi there!
My name is (write down your name), and I am a pro web developer with terrific knowledge in programming and coding and that is included with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and other related areas of coding. I can do anything related to my ground as I have been experiencing this sector for about 7 long years.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering along with associate’s degree and have done many course-work related to this field. Also, I am on the verge of ending another important course to stick into this ground and make myself a super oriented web developer.

Also, I have been rewarded as one of the best pioneers in the sector of web developing through many of my previous clients. Many of my works are still used as a precious sample in many companies. Here are some attachments of my works so you also can have a quick glance of it (attach some of your best works).

Besides, I have immense capability of holding customers and providing them with best works and I am infatuated with the faces of my clients that are full of appeasement by my works. I give my level best to uplift the best version of a company.

Working with me won’t make your regret for sure.
Thank you.

Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer

Web Developer Proposal Sample for Freelancers (02) 

My name is (write down your name) and I am an expert web developer with 5 long years of experience. I am quite adept at many important skills without which a corporation may subside directly.

I am skillful at HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, SEO, web designing and what not. Also, my power of persuading customers and organizing a meeting and reaping out the best from the meeting is really impressive.

I have a bachelor’s degree on Software Engineering with the highest CGPA from the reputed University of (write down the name of the varsity) along with certificates of coding and programming. Also, I have a master’s degree on Graphic Designing.

I am an honest worker and do not fail to satisfy my clients and my works compel them to give slaying reviews of my works with giving a high rank. Hiring me will definitely bring good to your company as many of my previous clients have recommended me to many new employers because of my good hand at work. The rest is up to you.

Thank you.

Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer

Job Posting/Description Sample of Web Developer in Freelancer

Title: Web Developer expert to create website layout, integrating data and making well organized and designed code.
Description: Our company has been leading as one of the brightest companies for many years and now we are looking for a Web Developer who is efficient enough in coding and can provide us with new and latest web designs and layouts along with multitasking capability.


  1. Understanding latest models and creating website layouts as per that
  2. Duty of taking pressure of servicing the right technical methods
  3. Helping with arranging meeting and representing best projections
  4. Be responsible for the uplifting of the best version of our company


  1. At least 4 years of experiences
  2. Education quality bachelor’s degree and course-work on JavaScript or SQL is an extra advantage
  3. Pro at programming and coding like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on
  4. Include “back benchers” as the code number at first in your proposal

Submit it by date/month/year.

Sample 01: Freelancer Job Posting on Web Developer

Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer

Sample 02: Freelancer Job Posting on Web Developer

Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer

Sample 03: Freelancer Job Posting on Web Developer

Web Developer Proposal Samples for Freelancer


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