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This professional profile summary sample for virtual assistant (VA) will definitely help you to win your first job at Nowadays virtual assistants are playing a very important role in the growing business sectors. You may like: Virtual Assistant Proposal Sample

They serve various services and make sure the growth rate of businesses. That’s why virtual assistants are becoming more demand-able day by day. 

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There are many job offers one can find for a virtual assistant in But the competition is getting tough also. So to ensure your job as a virtual assistant you need to be smart enough to impress your client. Here, a striking profile summary plays a vital role to get the job. Clients will judge you and your skill through your profile summary. And a perfect and attractive profile summary will help you to boost your profile.

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So, if you have started working as a virtual assistant freelancer in and want to improve your profile summary then we can help you. We are going to provide you all the necessary information and profile summary samples so that you can write your best one. So best of luck!!

Tips for the Professional Freelancer Profile Summary for Virtual Assistant

1. Create your impression: Sometimes the first impression works like the last impression. That’s why you need to use pickup lines to attract your client. And show you are the best in this field.

2. Show professionalism: Write your profile summary full of professionalism and show the client that you are an expert professional virtual assistant. Most importantly, don’t forget that you are not writing any kind of letter here. So try to avoid addressing anyone. You are just writing about yourself and your skills.

3. Avoid copy and paste: your client will not be very happy to review a copy writing. So don’t make this mistake. Use your own speech and write it perfectly. That’s how you can gain your client’s trust.

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4. Show that you have only expertise in this field: There’s no need to focus or show many irrelevant skills on your profile summary. Rather show your expertise over virtual assistants only. Then your client will believe that you are really an expert in this field.

5. Make your profile summary short: Try to avoid writing long speeches. Really nobody has that time to review long and boring writings. That’s why be smart and make it short and fruitful.

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6. Give a solid reason for hiring you: there are so many virtual assistants who are waiting for the job in this sector. That’s why you have to give a strong reason for hiring you among all the available virtual assistants. So make your profile summary with all the answers that can be the solution to a client’s question.

7. Avoid mistakes: You cannot afford any mistakes here. So be very careful while writing your profile summary. Revise your profile summary and correct all the mistakes. Try to make it stronger.

Skills You Need to be an Expert Freelance Virtual Assistant

1. Write about the services a virtual assistant provides to the client.

2. You need to show your skills and make them believe that you are the best virtual assistant they can ever find. There are many things you should do as a virtual assistant such as managing data entry, photo, and video editing, digital marketing, SMM (social media marketing), making daily reports, managing events, blog writing, booking hotels or managing accommodation, checking emails and respond to them, making schedules, market researching, making strategies for the growth of business, saving employee cost and training cost, etc.

3. Your communication skills should be very impressive as you need to be a multi tasked.

4. Need to have enough knowledge using software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc.

5. You have to deal with your clients smartly so that they can see your professionalism. It can be very helpful for your career.

6. Try to be honest and punctual. Be authentic while giving information on your profile summary. Your honesty will help you to gain your client’s trust.

Client’s Expectation in VA’s Profile Overview

1. As clients judge you through your profile summary, they expect you to write an impressive profile summary which can attract them.
2. Work experiences full of required skills.
3. Clients would like to check your past work reviews.
4. Should have the ability to think creatively and come out with new ideas.
5. Communication skills should be strong.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Virtual Assistant (01)

I am a professional virtual assistant working with passion for the last five years. Through these years of working hard, I have been able to develop a lot of skills to become an expert in this field. I am practical, punctual, diligent and I never compromise when it comes to my profession.

I have been working with 100% client’s satisfaction. If you look closely, you will not be able to find any negative feedback or reviews on my profile. I am devoted to my works and complete every project with extra care on time.

I am always available on Skype and Email for contact purposes. I am here 24/7 looking forward to working with. I am just expecting a valuable chance from you to prove my eligibility. Relax and put all your tensions on my shoulder because I am your VA.

Skills you would like to know;

1. Fantastic typing and communication skills.
2. Organization skills
3. Photo and video editing
4. SEO, SMM and DMM skills
5. Blog and content writing
6. Web research
7. Making daily schedules and reports etc.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample Virtual Assistant

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Virtual Assistant (02)

I’m an expert on virtual assistance. My working experience and professionalism made me the best in this field.

I am a multitalented freelancer and ready to grow your business with my speedy actions. My educational knowledge and working experiences will be a great asset for you.

My writing skills are also praiseworthy. And my previous records are enough to prove my skills.

I can proudly say that I’m the perfect one for your job. So if you put your trust in me then contact me. Thank you.


1. Running SEO, Technical SEO
2. Data management, Data Entry
3. Data research, Data Analysis
4. Web research, Market Research
5. Transcriptions
6. Photoshop
7. Article writing, Blog Writing
8. CSM skills
9. Making appointments etc.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample Virtual Assistant


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