Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer


This freelance proposal for graphic designers will earn your desired jobs of designing logos, banners, web templates, etc. Graphics Designing is one of the most creative jobs in the world. Graphics talk and you have to play with color, texture, icons, etc to make a language of art. Let’s see Graphic Designer Profile Summary Sample

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The number of jobs in Graphic are increasing day by day. Last year 300000 jobs were posted and hired. There is a good opportunity for you to build a successful career here.

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To get a job in Freelancer, you need the best Proposal to attract the Clients. This Proposal is called Cover Letter. You need to put your own words in your Proposal and attract your Client. So the Cover Letter is the most important thing for you. Do not worry, we are here to provide you with the best Proposal Samples for Graphic Designing.

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Skills Required for Writing Graphic Designer Proposal

The best candidates are hired by the renowned Clients again and again. To prove yourself as the best match, you need to put your skills on the Cover Letter. A Graphic Designer must have a proper knowledge about Designing and photo-editing

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Excellent use of Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, PowerPoint etc.

  1. Microsoft Office Applications, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. Video and Animation Tools
  3. Sketching Concepts
  4. Great Communication Skills
  5. Creativity and Innovation
  6. Accuracy and attention to every detail
  7. Professionalism in time, cost and deadlines
  8. You need to mention all the things you know about graphic Designing to your client.

Special Techniques for the best Freelancer Proposal for Graphic Designer

Your Freelancer Proposal for Graphic Designer will be viewed to the Advertisement Agencies, Large Print Houses, Brand Agencies, Signage Companies, Book-Magazine and Newspaper agencies, Multimedia Industries, TV and Broadcasting companies, Packaging Companies etc. There is a large scope for you in Graphic Design if you are the right person and to show that you are the perfect match for the job, you need to have a Killer Proposal.

I am going to let you know how to present a professional Freelancer Proposal for Graphic Designer. For the best Proposal, you need to be very careful while writing. You need to prove your skills with your words.

Read the whole Job-post carefully again and again to find the hidden hints and to find your goals and objectives.

Match the Client’s Expectations

  1. Create a good First Impression. Address your with his name and Use the proper salutation. If you cannot find his name, address him/her as Hiring Manager
  2. Mention your name
  3. Always keep in mind to use suitable words for suitable tasks. Be Formal with your words
  4. Show your unique personality in 200-250 words. Your Proposal must not be very elaborate but expressive.
  5. Always use Eye-Catchy words to grab the Client’s attention
  6. Be Professional and enthusiastic to stand out from your competitors
  7. Show the Skills you have in your Proposal. Mention all the things you know so that your Client finds his need in you.
  8. Mention your past work experience. Mention your current company (if any). Describe all the qualifications you have. Do not hesitate to tell that you have more experience than the Client needs
  9. You can always add a link to your portfolio site
  10. Mention your price for your service. Be reasonable, accept the job-post as it is
  11. Mention your contact information, mailing address, phone number, email, skype, viber etc.
  12. Be quick in bidding and responding

We are going to provide you with the best Freelancer Proposal Samples for Graphic Designing. Do not exactly copy us. Take our ideas, know the techniques and make your own Killer Proposal. Create a presentation with your Proposal.

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Graphic Designer (01)

Dear Mr./Ms. (Client’s Name)
I am (Your name), a senior Multimedia Professional (Graphic and Web). I am contacting you because I have gone through your job posting and I feel myself a good match for this position. I am innovative and accomplished in all my works. I deliver my service with professionalism and experience. I provide a comprehensive coordination of all products’ development activities, from research to market.

I have a strong background in web development, marketing and graphic designing. I have been working on complex websites consisting of static and dynamic content in multiple languages on large scale. I have gathered an experience of 10 years and a great expertise in Graphic Design.

I have proven myself with my works as I am a self-motivated and professional Freelancer. I have put attention to details in each of the tasks I am provided to complete. I have completed all of the tasks with client’s satisfaction. You can have a look at my past records to trust in my words. I have been collaborating with visual designers and IT teams to produce quality XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript for content management.

I am passionate about determining and correcting overall website cohesiveness, functionality, appearance and elements as example navigation tools, page layout, images, Flash and design elements in order to increase my Client’s satisfaction. I can ensure you innovative and creative designs.

I am available 24 hours both online and offline. You can connect me on (your number), Viber, Skype. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I am looking forward to your call.

(Your Name)

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Graphic Designer (02)

Dear Mr. Duncan
I am (your name) from (place). I have learnt from your job post that you are going to hire skilled workers for your Graphic Department. I am a professional designer with multi sectoral skills. I am a creative person and I have a great passion for graphic Designing. I am a good study and I always look forward to welcoming new innovative ideas to learn more and more. I can well assure that I am the right person to match your expectations.

I have a great passion for graphic designing. I try to make all the visual things a treat to the eyes. I have a sound efficiency in web designing software and design programs. I have completed my education in (your subject) and so I have a great passion for arts. I work with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image ready, CSS, WordPress, Quark Xpress and all the other things needed in graphics designing.

I have six years of experience in Graphic Designing and Animation Programs. You can have a look at my previous work records so that you can put your valuable trust upon me. I have tried to get 100% Client’s satisfaction with my previous tasks. You can also have a look at my website to mark my words ( your Link). I am ready to provide you with all types of graphics designing such as logo, banner, animation, cartoon, 3D images and so on.

I generally work for 15$ per hour. I am available 24 hours on Skype and Viber. I guarantee you will match your needs and you can have your precious faith on me.

Thank you for your kind consideration. I shall be waiting for your further response.

Yours Faithfully

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Graphic Designer (03)

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Proposal Sample for Graphic Designer (04)

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Job Posting Sample on Graphic Designer (01)

We need logo designs including social media images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Status: Open
Prize : 90$
Avg. Bid: 70$

Brief: WE need an experienced freelancer who can use eye-catchy designs for some logos which are required for social media platforms. Your designed logo must be innovative and motivating to the modern people. Your logo must bring a smile on the customer’s face. It needs to represent joy and color of life. We need high resolution files including vector files, JPEG, PNG, PDF with full ownership rights.

Freelancer Job Posting on Graphic Designer (2)

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Job Posting on Graphic Designer (2)

Graphic Designer Proposal Sample for Freelancer


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