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We are providing freelancer profile summary samples for data entry as it is the most demanding job in So data entry freelancers have the chance to do well in this sector only if they are good at it. But getting a job here is not that easy. Let’s see: Data Entry Proposal Sample

First, you need to focus on your professional data entry profile summary. It’s the main and most important part of your profile. If your profile summary is not up to the mark, clients will not hire you and eventually you will fail to get your dream project. 

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So if you are new in this sector and want to get a clear idea about freelancer profile summary for data entry, then you’ve come to the right place. We are providing you some tips and tricks with two well-written profile summary samples to write your own killer profile summary for data entry.

Let’s follow some basic rules for writing a professional profile summary for data entry:

1. Understand your Client’s Need

If you are able to understand your clients’ needs and perform according to it, bang bang!! You will become a pro in this sector. But to attract your client first you need to write a very striking profile summary.

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Punctuality and smartness should be shown in your profile summary. Obviously it will help you to get your expected job. Create your profile summary with the art of creativity so that clients may understand through your writing that you have the ability to fulfill their requirements. Only then they will feel interested in you and hire you for their important projects. Also, don’t forget to mention your experience in this sector. Because Experience is a part of your expertise in this field.

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2. Skills you Need to Mention

As a data entry operator clients expect you to have certain skills that are very high on demand. Don’t forget to include these skills in your profile summary.

Here’s a list of the demanding skills you should have as a data entry operator:

1. Need to have a good command over Microsoft word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

2. Need to have the fastest typing quality as you have to work with immense data.

3. Accuracy should be maintained.

4. Should have the ability to work with alphanumeric data in the shortest possible time.

5. You  need to have a high skill in using windows data entry. 6. Should have the ability to work efficiently under immense pressure.

7. Should be capable of following directions and complete the task on time.

8. Communication skills are also important here. Both writing and oral communication skills are necessary.

9. Should have the knowledge in checking and reviewing inaccurate data and data management.

10. Have to be expert in time management. 11. Organizational skills need to be strong while working with a large amount of data.

3. Mistakes Need to Avoid

First, you need to keep in mind that you are not writing about your personal life or an essay. It’s a profile summary that should be a reflection of your professional life. So make your profile summary attractive and interesting and keep it short.

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Don’t forget to mention your previous job experience. But if you are new in this field and don’t have much experience then be honest. Don’t need to make any fake claims. Otherwise, you may get caught and that will not be good for your career. You know what I mean!!

4. Be Creative

Use your creativity as your weapon. Make your profile summary in an artistic way. And don’t even think of copy and paste. Plagiarism is not appreciated here. If you try to copy and paste another’s profile summary, clients will understand that you are making fake claims and you will lose your job.

You can’t afford any grammatical mistakes at this stage. Accuracy should be maintained over your profile summary. Write your profile summary in such a way that clients can easily understand your efficiency in this data entry sector and compel to hire you for making their project successful.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry (01)

Hi. I am Raba. I’m a well-skilled and hardworking data entry operator who completes and makes every given project successful. Also, I’ve two years of working experience which helps me to perform according to my client’s needs.

Moreover, I completed my graduation in CSE. That’s why my educational background also helps me to become a skilled data entry operator.

Here’s a list of some of my skills that will be beneficial for your work:

Microsoft access

Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft Word


Windows data entry



Telecommunication skills

Web research projects

Web scraping

Organizational skills etc.

So if you are looking for a skilled and punctual data entry operator, then you’re reviewing the right profile. I can assure you that your job will be done perfectly at the right time without making any mistakes. So if you feel interested, have faith in me and give me a chance to make your project successful.
Thank you.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry (02)

Hello. My name is Saba. I’m from Bangladesh. I’m a specialist in data entry, data extracting and data research for more than 5 years.

I always work hard with full of enthusiasm. There’s no question about my punctuality and honesty. One can easily get proof of my words by reviewing the feedbacks of my previous clients. Have the ability to finish any project with 1oo% client’s satisfaction.

Also, my typing skill is worthy to mention. I can type 100 words per minute which should be considered as a huge achievement. This skill is also helpful for data entry because, in this field, a data entry operator has to deal with a large amount of data including alphanumeric data also.

I would like to mention some of my skills that will be also helpful for your project:

Expert in data entry and data extracting

Maintaining Excel sheets with 100% accuracy, Web scraping, Web research, Microsoft Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. Creating a database and maintaining it, Skills of SMM (social media marketing), proofreading, transcriptions, Maintaining alphanumeric data, Doc files, Excellent communication skills, Ability to work under excessive pressure etc.

Though my educational background is different from this field, my work experience really helped me to become a well-skilled professional data entry operator as I had always an interest to work in this field.

If you are reviewing this profile, then probably you get the idea of my capability and honesty towards my work. So if you want me to work on your project and make your project successful then contact me.
Thank you.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry (3)

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry (4)

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Data Entry

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