Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer in 2022


A professional article writer profile summary for works as a central part of your profile. Your profile summary will decide your fate whether you’re going to get the job or not! So, if you are working as a freelance article writer in and want to be the most demanding writer then you have to be able to write a killer profile summary. You may need: Article Writer Proposal Sample

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An impressive article writer profile summary will easily attract your client’s eye. There are many good writers available on who don’t get any desirable job because of their poor profile summary.

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That’s why in order to become the best in this field first you need to write an amazing profile summary as an article writer. Now if you are wondering how to write a killer profile summary and seeking some help, welcome to this site. You are in the right place. You can get some unique techniques for writing an accurate profile summary with two samples. That’s how you can know the key factors of writing a profile summary and uses of eye-catchy words.

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Fulfill Client’s Requirements in Article Writer Profile Summary

Be smart about the selection of words. Show your skills and experience in your profile summary to impress your client. Don’t waste your time writing irrelevant things. It’s not going to help you. Show why you should be chosen among the thousands through your writing.

Show Professionalism in Article Writer Profile Summary

Freelancer the profile summary is not like a cover letter. In the profile summary, you are writing about your own self. Don’t use exaggerations in your writing. And most importantly be professional through your writing. Clients would like to hire professionals who are hardworking and complete the given task timely. Professional Profile Overview Sample and Example for Article Writer.

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Focus on the key factor in in Article Writer Profile Summary

Try to focus on the main point and present yourself as a skilled article writer. And don’t make your profile summary too long. Don’t show many unnecessary skills. Rather try to show as if you are the only master of this particular field.

Show creativity in your Article Writer Profile Summary

Writing is a perfect field to show creativity. Your creativity will make your writing extraordinary that definitely will catch the client’s eye. That’s why write your profile summary with the mixture of your writing skills and creativity.

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Avoid Mistakes in Article Writer Profile Summary

As a professional article writer your writing skills should be good enough. Be careful while writing your profile summary. Don’t make any grammatical errors. Otherwise, your client will lose interest towards you and you will lose the project.

Strictly avoid plagiarism in Article Writer Profile Summary

Don’t even think of this. It will destroy your career. As an article writer, you cannot just copy and paste other’s writing. Your client will not appreciate it. You have to write using your own brain. Plagiarism cannot be an option for you.

Article Writer Profile Summary (Avoid false talk)

Try to be authentic while writing your skills in your profile summary. It can be dangerous too for your career. Your client will like to check the authenticity of your given information and if you make any false promises, you will get caught.

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Article Writer (01)

I am an award wining article writer, writing for Wikipedia for more than 10 years. Playing with words is my passion to attract the people through my creative hit.

The great asset you will find on me is that I can realize the topic in a very short period of time and start writing instantly. Information is the king and the presentation of the information is the queen of that king.

There’s some techniques that I follow while writing articles:

1. Always use easy and simple sentences
2. Connect with my readers pretty well
3. Try to use more active voices and avoid passive voice.
4. More revisions can make it fruitful

These techniques have helped me a lot in improving my writing skills. Now my ranking rate is also high in the online market with some great feedback from my previous clients. I’m a literature student. Studying literature was the best part to increase my thinking and imagination power. It helped me to open my mind and see different aspects of everything. I am still a learner.

I work hard and give 100% to my work. That’s why I think I’m the right person you are searching for your job. I am available on the internet. If you can, contact me.
Thank you.

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Article Writer (02)

I’m a hard-working, well-skilled article writer with 6 years of writing experiences. I can think critically and write on any kind of content easily. Reader engagements is the best part of a unique piece of writing. And, I know it well through my motivational writing.

I’m expert of these following things:

1. Running SEO
2. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint , etc.
3. Web research
4. Capability to handle emergency problems
5. Organizational skill
6. High typing and writing skill
7. Expert on critical writing

I always look for exciting and challenging content so that I can think critically and write it’s best version. That’s how I

do my work with 100% client’s satisfaction. And also get five-star reviews that help me to take place on the top-ranking position. I believe there’s so much more I can achieve with my dedication and still I have a long way to go.

In short of my profile:

1. Client’s satisfactory rate of 100%
2. Complete works in time
3. Amazing feedbacks

If you are satisfied visiting my profile and determine to engage myself in your project, please give me a time of interview so that we can understand ourselves better.
Thank you.

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Article Writer (03)

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer

Freelancer Profile Summary Sample for Article Writer (04)

Article Writer Profile Summary Sample for Freelancer


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