This Upwork proposal cover letter for youTube and video marketing will ensure your sob success score more than 80%. Clients are now more engaging in to youtube video marketing, promotion, subscriber, likes, share, etc. Let’s see: YouTube Marketer Profile Overview Sample.

If you are an expert youtuber, this killer cover letters are for you. I am going to provide the best types of professional cover letter samples.

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If you are a new freelancer who wants to apply for a job posting on Upwork for YouTube Channel Optimization, you have come to the right place for sure. Here we will provide all the information about Upwork Cover Letter for YouTube Channel Optimization/ SEO and we’ll also provide a sample Cover Letter so that you can write it on your own. But before you start reading the sample Cover Letter or Sample Job Posting, here’s something you should know about YouTube Channel Optimization.

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Many of the users don’t know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.  YouTube, As a Google product, has reached to the apex branch of popularity with over 4 billion videos being viewed every single day and an astounding 60 hours of video getting uploaded every minute. Uploading and marketing videos on YouTube can increase content visibility in both YouTube and Google search. Click here to see Data Entry Portfolio Samples for Upwork and Freelancer

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A YouTube channel mainly serves as a hub for all your companies’ video content which allows you to present your product, service or mission to a platform that meets over 800 million unique users every single month. There are many ways to optimize your YouTube channel to ensure your videos are being discovered, watched and shared by looking at examples from existing innovator. But there are some pretty basic and simple optimization steps that you must know before submitting your Upwork Cover Letter for YouTube Channel Optimization/ SEO.

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So, here they are –

  1. Correct Title for the YouTube Video
  2. Make use of the video description
  3. Add important keywords by following the URL
  4. Add tags for the videos
  5. Optimizing Metadata
  6. Making good use of descriptive playlist
  7. Making the best use of annotations
  8. Consistently branding the page

Now that you know basic things about YouTube Channels and their Optimization methods, let’s read the sample cover letter and sample job posting on Upwork. Here it is –

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for YouTube / Video Marketing

Dear Hiring Manager,

Hello sir. I hope you are in good health condition.
I’ve carefully gone through your recent job posting which is on YouTube channel optimization. I am a professional YouTube channel optimizer and video creator. I have been working in this sector for more than 10 years. I am very much interested in this particular project of yours agreeing with all of your requirements.

Recently, I have successfully completed two jobs on YouTube channel optimization with client satisfaction which are –


If you want more details on my skills and successfully finished jobs,  I would request you to have a look on my Profile, Portfolio, Work history and Feedbacks which is attached here. You can also see my official site for more details. Here it is –

(If you do not have any channel of your own, skip last two lines. I extremely prohibit you from providing fake site link, as they’ll be checked for sure) 

If you want to communicate with me later, I am always available on Email and Skype. You can place a voice or video chat at any hour of the day if you find it necessary. I am ready to work for more than 60 hours per week and I am looking forward to start your project as soon as possible according to you with your permission.

Thank you for your consideration,

Write down (Your Name here)

Sample 01: Job Posting On YouTube Video Marketing

Job Title: In need of an expert YouTube Channel Optimizer as soon as possible
Job Description: Hello There!  I am Mark. Many of you may know me by my Instagram name, Mighty Mark as I’m famous there. I have recently started a YouTube channel that’s why I am looking for an expert YouTube Channel Optimizer who would help me to understand the activity list on YouTube and who would help me to grow my channel’s audience on this platform.

I am looking for somebody who is experienced in getting contents to the top of the search, title making, writing captions and who would expertise me on my channel’s growth strategy.
As I am looking for an expert here, I am willing to pay a handsome amount of payment.  We will discuss about the payment amount and methods later on. But for your information, It would be at least $50 per hour.

Thank you everyone.  Submit your proposals fast.

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for YouTube/Video Marketing

Sample 02: Job Posting on YouTube Video Marketing

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for YouTube Video Marketing

Sample 03: Job Posting on YouTube Video Marketing

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for YouTube Video Marketing

Sample 04: Job Posting on YouTube Video Marketing

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for YouTube Video Marketing

Sample 05: Job Posting on YouTube Video Marketing

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for YouTube Video Marketing

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