Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Data Entry


I am going to provide a sample of upwork proposal cover letter for data entry. Please do not just copy-paste it in a upwork proposal. Professional cover letter always increase the chance to grab the job. Sometimes some sharp words cannot attract the clients due to perfect template. Let’s see Data Entry Profile Overview Sample

When applying for a job in freelance marketplace, sometimes the answers of the screening questions are enough to get the job. You are welcome to get all the answers of upwork proposal questions.

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Writing a cover letter to your client is very much important and you must have to be aware of what kind of information should have in that letter. If you like to include more information, please go ahead. You have to write accordingly to the job requirements stated in the description. If you do not read the job posting you must fail to be hired.

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What you have to consider:

  1. Client’s hints in the job description
  2. Time requirements
  3. Project Duration
  4. Available apps you have to use
  5. Hourly or fixed price job and payment method
  6. Country, region and native requirements
  7. Job success requirements
  8. Report Submission Requirements
  9. Showing results and skills requirements
  10. Offline or online tasks, mobile or pc tasks, etc

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Quality is better than quantity, you should never apply for a job that does not meet your skills and quality. If you see 40% plus requirements does not meet you and you cannot manage to do that, please do not apply there and search for else.

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We should run for the best one not for the hundred good ones. Suppose you applied unconsciously 10 jobs and did not get a single job. Rather apply for 01 job and get that job, which one is better? Now let’s see one of the best samples of Upwork Cover Letter for Data Entry:

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Dear Hiring Manager,
I hope you are in good health condition.

At first, I would like to thank you for your generous job post. I have gone through your job posting on “Data Entry” and found out that you are looking for a Professional Data Entry Expert. You have exactly expressed your need and schedule in your job description. Now, I would like to tell you that I have the requisite skills for this job. I am a Professional Data Entry Specialist as well as a hardworking employee. I have understood your requirements, and I am ready to take an oath to make you satisfied.

Now I would like to tell you about my experience that would help you to pick me up as the right contender for the job.  I have been working on Data entry, Data importing, Data exporting and Data mining for the last 6 years. I can confidently ascertain you that I have achieved every skill that you have mentioned. Presently I am working for a Non-Government Organization (NGO). I have a satisfactory speed of typing more or less 40 words per minute. I have known all the characteristics and models of Data Entry every day. I have been proving myself by providing a satisfactory service to my clients. I am delighted that the time schedule you have mentioned is perfectly suitable for me. I can confirm that I am confident to submit my work in time. 

To be sure that I can pull your tasks off, you can pay a visit to my profile and past work histories. Have a look at my past success rate and feedback I have received from my Honorable clients. You can also have a look at my sample work copies on my website (Website link) so that you have no confusion about my talent. I strongly believe that I am the ideal applicant for this project. Just give me a chance to receive a 5 stars feedback from you.

If I have been able to convince you for selecting me, I am available 24 hours and 7 days a week for contacting purposes. I am always available on Skype, Email and Whatsapp. I usually work for 60 hours a week, but I am ready to work more if you are interested. Please consider me as the right candidate for your job and let me put my skills into your job.

Thank you for your consideration
Best Regards
Write Down (Your Name Here)

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Sample 01: Job Posting on Data Entry

We have a large number of data in our spreadsheet. We want to increase it more and take it to the new dimension. We need photographer data collected. Please read all of our requirements and submit your proposal.

We need data like the below criteria

  1. Twitter URL
  2. Photo Grapher First and last name
  3. State 4. Verified Email Address
  4. Company Name
  5. Country
  6. Phone
  7. Website URL
  8. FB URL

You have to search for the targeted directories and collect the data. I must help you finding it.

-We are looking for long term person who can stay with us for a long the time and of curse trusted

-Please share your previous work that you had done in the past projects

-Need to send us some samples – Need work on a monthly basis.

-Need to provide at least 600 data month with quality and 150 data per week.

-Data accuracy is the must and no fake data

-Need to be ready for weekly meeting, if required video or voice calls

-Will cancel the work if you will not follow any rules of above and be friendly if you do all honestly

Payment Terms
Payment will be fixed basis done 50% advance 50% after work.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Sample 02: Job Posting on Data Entry

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Sample 03: Job Posting on Data Entry

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Sample 04: Job Posting on Data Entry

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Thank you very much. 

If you have any questions or anything regarding on your freelancing life, please let me know in comments, I will try my best to help you.



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